Malossi MHR Overange Kit Minarelli--MUST HAVE!!!

Malossi MHR Overange Kit Minarelli--MUST HAVE!!!
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New version available since September 2005. This is the complete kit from the Malossi Hyper Racing (MHR) series. It consists of the complete rear pulleys (fixed and movable halves) contra spring, MHR variator, fixed half of the vario and oversize drive belt. Thanks to the larger rear-pulleys the range of transmission is increased which results in advantages such as better acceleration and better adjustment. Included in the current kit are a newly developed variomatic with 19x15.5mm rollers which allow for smoother engine running and easier adjustment. Attention, this kit can only be used with engines that come with 3-shoe-clutches and a clutch bell with 107mm inner diameter.

Attention: now comes with 19.5x 15.5mm vario rollers in 3.5gr and 3.8gr.

Spare parts

M5112800 Variator Malossi MHR Overrange 2005, Minarelli

M3711335 Slide inserts Malossi Multivar 2000 / MHR

M2313052 Gudgeon pin Malossi Multivar Overrange, Minarelli

M6111108 Drive belt Malossi Kevlar-Overrange, Minarelli short

M6111121 Wandlereinheit Malossi Overrange, Minarelli

M297046.R0 Torque spring (red) Malossi, Racing, Minarelli, Morini

M2513056 Variator ramp plate Malossi, MHR Multivar Minarelli

M0812673 Limiter Malossi Multivar Overrange, Minarelli


Stage 6 Adjustable Clutch 107  or 112mm
The improved version of the very successful Stage6 Torque Control Clutch.

For high performance cylinders, the linings have been enlarged and the weight of the clutch shoe increased.

Unlike the weights of the MKII's predecessor, which had to be screwed on, these ones can simply be slipped on.

The adjustment method of the MKI has been kept. Due to its rotated construction with the clutch springs facing the clutch bell, the patented system makes this the only clutch to allow for full and continuous adjustment without having to remove the clutch.

In combination with the Stage6 CNC clutch bell, you won't even have to remove the clutch bell to adjust clutch engagement.

Thanks to the markings on the continuous spring pre-load screws, every spring can be precisely adjusted.

The 8-point weight correction on the back of the clutch shoes offers a multitude of possibilities how to adapt the clutch engagement.

The construction makes the most of the available engine torque.

It is recommended to use the white springs for sport cylinders; orange springs for midrace; and the optionally available red springs for high-end cylinders.

Densomet weight sets are also available for high performance engines, which further increase the weight of the clutch shoes .

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Clutch Bell Stage6 R/T: Racing
Clutch Bell Stage6 R/T

(109mm may be special order)

Stage6 R/T (Racing Team) is the newest HighEnd product range from Stage6. These parts are designed in collaboration with our Stage6 Racing Team, this way obtaining technologically innovative and sophisticated products ideal for race use.

And the results in IDSM races and other international events certainly prove us right. Now we have extended our product range to include this clutch bell.

One of its most interesting features is the welded-on torsional ring that doesn't only optimise torque characteristics but also provides better cooling.

The air fins already known from the Stage6 clutch bells have been kept.
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Tired of breaking gears or losing race due to a failure with a slipper sprocket? Then here is the answer!!

The new slipper clutch has all new tolerances to ensure use on even the most powerful engines.

Replaces slipper sprocket, no need to torque every time you ride and no more lost races due to sprocket slipping, bolt on a slipper clutch and be done with it. Complete slipper clutch comes with adjustable clutch, choice of torque spring and 2000 shoe springs, 2 cover gaskets. Parts included in assembly: s-6 adj clutch, slipper clutch kit, cvt metal spacer, maximum pressure to prevent premature slipping. Fits 2-Stroke 50cc and 90cc. REAR PULLY NOT INCLUDED. suggested 2500 shoes springs if running high rpm race engine.
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Slipper Clutch Discs for all miniquad slipper clutches
Replacement disc for the slipper clutch. Discs are in Pairs.

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